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Thar Be Dragons: Silver Lake Brewing Project

You’ve probably heard of Silver Lake. No, not where all those kids got murdered, that’s Camp Crystal Lake, and that was a movie. Our region’s newest brewery and tasting room is located in Perry, about an hour’s drive southwest of Rochester. Yes, it’s about an hour, and yes, this pretty much stretches my outer boundary of what I’ll consider part of the region I wish to cover in this blog. You’re probably imagining a medieval map with “Thar Be Dragons” scrawled in the area south of Rochester where you imagine this place to be. Look, I know driving up to Webster is still a challenge for most of you, but hear me out before you miss out on some great beer from Silver Lake Brewing Project. Continue reading “Thar Be Dragons: Silver Lake Brewing Project”


Triphammer Bierwerks is not on Parce Ave.

Scott Denhart is not afraid to share the story of how Triphammer Bierwerks came to be. In fact, I think he’s almost proud of how difficult it was. When Scott’s wife wanted to relocate back to the Rochester area, it was with the caveat that he would get to open his own brewery. And so a brewing system from a defunct operation in California was purchased and placed in storage. Scott began to research locations hither and yon, coming close on two occasions. In the meantime, he remained active in the Upstate New York Homebrewers Association. Pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. Continue reading “Triphammer Bierwerks is not on Parce Ave.”

Drinking Right Now

A delicious Monk’s Vacation belgian ale (8.0%) at Saltwater Brewery in Boca Raton, Florida! It’s a religious experience…

Swiftwater Turns Two

If you have followed this blog and its companion Facebook page for any amount of time, you probably get the idea I have spent more than a few evenings at Swiftwater Brewing on Mt. Hope Avenue in Rochester. My friend Dave Scheiderich introduced me just a few months after they opened in 2015. I liked the homespun atmosphere, and theĀ  bartenders steered me towards great beers during each visit up and down the tap list. Continue reading “Swiftwater Turns Two”

Drinking Right Now

It was well worth seeking out the last batch of Jack’s Abby Copper Legend!

That Overdue Blog Post

One of the worst things you can do as the creator of a blog is to post the dreaded, “Hey, sorry I haven’t posted anything lately,” and spend more time writing about your procrastination instead of generating fresh and interesting content. I swore I wouldn’t be that guy. And I’m trying hard not to be. Trying. So. Hard. Continue reading “That Overdue Blog Post”

Iron Tug: Your ship has come in

Rochester’s seventh craft brewery is located in an old firehouse on busy Route 104 in the shadow of the Kodak Park manufacturing complex, a stark reminder of how this city is constantly renewing itself in the face of adversity. Twenty-eight year old Keith Owens is the founder of Iron Tug Brewing, taking his interest in home-brewing to the next level.

Continue reading “Iron Tug: Your ship has come in”

Mapping Every Brewery and Brewpub in New York State

New York State has seen an explosion in the number of new breweries and brewpubs opening in just the last five years alone. Sometimes it seems so hard to keep up with them all. For instance, Rochester is about to welcome its SEVENTH brewery within the city limits when Iron Tug opens up in Ridge Road this August. Continue reading “Mapping Every Brewery and Brewpub in New York State”

Stoneyard comes to the East Side

Stoneyard Brewing Company has enjoyed great success in its Brockport location, where the downstairs pub is the home to a very popular brewery limited only by the capacity of the available space. Ground was broken last year on a new brewery located nearby, and the owners also opened up the Stoneyard Breakfast Company as another extension of their wildly popular food and drink. Following the owners’ guiding principle “We Don’t Do Small,” Stoneyard has made the leap to Rochester’s east side, opening Stoneyard American Craft Beer Hall & Grill on the Penfieldy part of Webster off Empire Boulevard.

Continue reading “Stoneyard comes to the East Side”

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