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The Three-County Beer Tour

We’re spoiled by the number of great new craft beer options we have in and around Rochester. Of course, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on new breweries opening up around the region as well. While they might not be right in our backyard, they are certainly worth a little road trip to expand your beer-sampling horizons. Just a couple weeks ago, my friends and I visited old and new craft breweries in Livingston, Wyoming, and Genesee counties. Continue reading “The Three-County Beer Tour”


The Land of Oz: Stoneyard Brewing Expands

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. The red cinder block building off Clinton Street in Brockport offers no indication of the activity inside, other than some construction scraps left outside. Walk through the main garage door, and you’ll see why head brewer Jeffrey “Oz” Osborne is grinning ear to ear. Tanks are being positioned on a pristine floor coated in gray polyurethane. The bright white walls reflect off the polished stainless steel fixtures, almost like a glittering city rising up from the horizon… Almost like the Land of Oz? Continue reading “The Land of Oz: Stoneyard Brewing Expands”

A Bounty of New Beers to Close Out the Year

As we wrap up 2017, the local beer scene has been so active it’s almost impossible to keep up. First, we celebrated the third anniversaries of Lost Borough Brewing Co. in Rochester, Prison City Pub & Brewery in Auburn, Knuckleheads Brewing Co. in Webster, and soon Swiftwater Brewing in Rochester. In the last six weeks alone, we have welcomed Brindle Haus Brewing in Spencerport, K2 Brothers Brewing in Penfield, Fifth Frame Brewing Co. in Rochester, Wood Kettle Brewing Co. in Greece. What’s more, we have new breweries scheduled to open in nearby Livingston County, including Battle Street Brewery in Dansville, Mortalis Brewing in Avon, and Rising Storm Brewing in Lakeville. This flurry of new activity has certainly been an exciting way to cap off 2017, bringing us up to eight breweries within the Rochester city limits, and 24 in Monroe County alone. Here’s a quick recap of year-end activities… Continue reading “A Bounty of New Beers to Close Out the Year”

The Rochester Beer Bubble

We have been so fortunate to live in an area with an exciting and constantly expanding local beer scene. It seems like almost every few months, we hear about a new brewery opening up in our area. According to the New York State Brewers Association (headquartered here in Rochester, woot!), there are now more than 320 breweries in New York State, up from less than 100 just five years ago. In Rochester alone, several new breweries have opened up in the last three years alone. That’s a lot of growth for an niche industry that currently enjoys just a 12% share of beer sales in America.

Continue reading “The Rochester Beer Bubble”

Which Craft Do You Crave?

WhichCraft Brews in Penfield (mailing address Webster) is an exciting combination of brewery, bottle shop, restaurant, and tap room that opened this past July. Don’t let its suburban location in the newly renovated Bay Towne Plaza fool you, WCB is serious about their beer. The owners have local roots with connections to the 585 Rochester Beer bottle shop in Brockport.

Continue reading “Which Craft Do You Crave?”

Rochester Real Beer Week 2017

Now in its seventh year, the Rochester Real Beer Week is an exciting calendar of events in and around the Flower City designed to introduce you to the rapidly expanding craft beer scene. You can find the full calendar of events here. Of course, it’s impossible to attend all of the events outlined in the guidebook, but here’s a few that caught our eye. Note that some events have an admission fee or require advance tickets.

Continue reading “Rochester Real Beer Week 2017”

In Defense of the Dive

Dive bars. They’re dirty, located in questionable neighborhoods, and full of undesirables keeping late hours. Their “beer list” is a bland grouping of mass-market swill served up in well-worn pint shakers. The lighting is subdued, the smells are unrecognizable.  Battle-weary bar stools are upholstered in layers of duct tape and who knows what else. Don’t even get me started on the bathrooms. You’re a refined beer connoisseur, so why would you be caught dead in some sleazy dive?

Continue reading “In Defense of the Dive”

Thar Be Dragons: Silver Lake Brewing Project

You’ve probably heard of Silver Lake. No, not where all those kids got murdered, that’s Camp Crystal Lake, and that was a movie. Our region’s newest brewery and tasting room is located in Perry, about an hour’s drive southwest of Rochester. Yes, it’s about an hour, and yes, this pretty much stretches my outer boundary of what I’ll consider part of the region I wish to cover in this blog. You’re probably imagining a medieval map with “Thar Be Dragons” scrawled in the area south of Rochester where you imagine this place to be. Look, I know driving up to Webster is still a challenge for most of you, but hear me out before you miss out on some great beer from Silver Lake Brewing Project. Continue reading “Thar Be Dragons: Silver Lake Brewing Project”

Triphammer Bierwerks is not on Parce Ave.

Scott Denhart is not afraid to share the story of how Triphammer Bierwerks came to be. In fact, I think he’s almost proud of how difficult it was. When Scott’s wife wanted to relocate back to the Rochester area, it was with the caveat that he would get to open his own brewery. And so a brewing system from a defunct operation in California was purchased and placed in storage. Scott began to research locations hither and yon, coming close on two occasions. In the meantime, he remained active in the Upstate New York Homebrewers Association. Pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. Continue reading “Triphammer Bierwerks is not on Parce Ave.”

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